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Believe And Be Established

Believe and Be Established written by Nicole Maye

“Unless you believe, you shall not be established. For all the promises of God in Jesus are Yea, and in Him, Amen, to the glory of God through us. For the Lord is not slack concerning His promises.”

God’s promises are conditional upon faith and nothing else. They are not loans contingent upon fleshly collateral, but are gifts, graciously bestowed on those exhibiting the collateral of faith.

Judah’s king, Ahaz, failed to acknowledge this truth. King Rezin of Syria (centered in Damascus) and king Pekah of northern Israel (known as Ephraim), who had strong designs on the lands to the west, tried unsuccessfully to persuade king Ahaz to join forces against Assyria. When Ahaz refused to join the coalition against Assyria, the two kings plotted to replace the Davidic king Ahaz with a “puppet ruler.”

God, through the prophet Isaiah, told Ahaz not to fear the threat of the kings of Syria and Israel. “It shall not stand nor shall it come to pass. Take heed and be quiet; fear not, neither be fainthearted of the two smoking firebrands…Moreover the Lord Himself shall give you a sign—Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son and shall call His name Immanuel. If you will not believe, you shall not be established,” (Isaiah 7:4, 7, 17).

But Ahaz preferred more pragmatic steps. Instead of holding onto the promise of the King of kings, Judah’s king sought out the Assyrian king and formed a counter-alliance with him. He provoked the anger of the Lord.

We know that God is a sanctuary to those who believe and a stumbling block to unbelievers. God caused Pekah to kill 120,000 of the people of Judah and king Rezin to take thousands as captives. Don’t you know that without faith it is impossible to please Him? And if we are not pleasing Him we are provoking Him to anger.

For we who have faith obtain the promises of God. God said it—He promised it. Now He awaits true believers (“faithers,” if you will) to claim it—to amen it. We confirm receipt of His promise when we exhibit faith through our word, deeds and actions.

When the fullness of time came God perfected His promise. For time, distance or circumstances cannot annul or circumvent the promises of God. If God promised something, He shall accomplish it when faith is displayed. Lack of faith caused God to extend the inheritance of Israel to the Gentiles.

He sent His only begotten Son as a sign to His adopted “sons” to believe and trust in His word. Faith in His word, not only makes us a part of this close-nit family, but joint-heirs with Christ to inherit all of God promises depicted in His Word.

Failure to “amen” His promise result in us “coming short” of them; yet we expect God to extend that promise to us again because of His divine grace and mercy. Why should He? How long should He continue to be long-suffering? Do we, like Ahaz continue to provoke God by disregarding and disbelieving His promises?

As His adopted sons we are no longer under the tutelage of guardians and stewards but under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who God sealed in our hearts because of our faith. The Promise Land was attained by those who believed God; the Promised Son and the Promised Comforter, given.

All subsequent promises of the Father to His “sons” are also guaranteed and true believers expect their timely manifestations.

Let not our words confess our belief in His promises, yet our actions deny our trust in them—deny Him. Let us instead fear less a promise be left too long of possessing, of believing, is left unaccomplished because of lack of faith. “For unto us the gospel was preached, being mixed with countless promises as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them not being mixed with faith in them that heard.”

Consider this:
Let us assume that it was possible to speak to a baby in the womb, who somehow has the mental capacity to understand. Any attempt to describe the many wondrous things that exist beyond his current habitation would not only puzzle the baby, but he would not believe. Any descriptions of the rainbow, the sky, mountains, oceans, internet, (Face-book?) would be scoffed at. Why? Because he has nothing of reference to which to compare your words.

As it is difficult, virtually impossible for a baby in the womb to comprehend that which exists beyond his current environment, it is difficult for man to understand the things which God has prepared for him, whether in this life or in the next.

Because of disbelief the child refuses to be born (if given the option). He would rather stay in the place that is known to him; that he has grown accustomed and comfortable—leaving the things that exist beyond the scope of his imagination to be enjoyed by others.

Let us lay hold of that which God has laid hold of for us. For it is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.

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