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Stop and Shop Christianity

Nicole Maye

Posted on July 15 2014

Stop and Shop Christianity

Christian-Based Stores
Christians with businesses that use words such as "Jesus," "Christ," "God," "Christianity or any Christian-related words in their store names are said to be capitalizing on Christianity.
Well I ask, "What is wrong with Christians using talent given to them, by The Creator, to design and create products geared towards the Christian market?"
These products tend to uplift and encourage most Believers. They also are ways of spreading the Good News to non-Christians.
They would rather we make goods and sell it for pennies to the Big Box Retailers!
They'd rather shop there, not thinking that the Christian-related products are most likely created/designed by Christians. Their mindset is that Christians with businesses with Christian-related store names are only interested in making money.
What are the Big Box Retailers interested in? You? Your salvation? Your well-being?
I think not!
Christian-related products such as T-shirts, Decorative Pillows, Framed Word, etc. from Christian stores can uplift you just as those from Big Box Retailers. They are just as effective as a Book that encourages you to maintain your relationship with God.
I say, "Support your fellow Christians. Wouldn't you rather support someone who loves your God than someone who doesn't? Someone who speaks ill of Him and goes against what He stands for?!
I know I would! I know I do!


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